Version 3.18.1

File: handlebars/js/yui-handlebars-base-after.js

            // This file contains YUI-specific wrapper code and overrides for the
            // handlebars-base module.
            Handlebars.VERSION += '-yui';
            Registers a helper function that will be made available to all templates.
            Helper functions receive the current template context as the `this` object, and
            can also receive arguments passed by the template.
                Y.Handlebars.registerHelper('linkify', function () {
                    return '<a href="' + Y.Escape.html(this.url) + '">' +
                        Y.Escape.html(this.text) + '</a>';
                var source = '<ul>{{#links}}<li>{{{linkify}}}</li>{{/links}}</ul>';
                Y.Handlebars.render(source, {
                    links: [
                        {url: '/foo', text: 'Foo'},
                        {url: '/bar', text: 'Bar'},
                        {url: '/baz', text: 'Baz'}
            @method registerHelper
            @param {String} name Name of this helper.
            @param {Function} fn Helper function.
            @param {Boolean} [inverse=false] If `true`, this helper will be considered an
                "inverse" helper, like "unless". This means it will only be called if the
                expression given in the template evaluates to a false or empty value.
            Registers a partial that will be made available to all templates.
            A partial is another template that can be used to render part of a larger
            template. For example, a website with a common header and footer across all its
            pages might use a template for each page, which would call shared partials to
            render the headers and footers.
            Partials may be specified as uncompiled template strings or as compiled template
                Y.Handlebars.registerPartial('header', '<h1>{{title}}</h1>');
                Y.Handlebars.registerPartial('footer', 'Copyright (c) 2011 by Me.');
                var source = '{{> header}} <p>Mustaches are awesome!</p> {{> footer}}';
                Y.Handlebars.render(source, {title: 'My Page About Mustaches'});
            @method registerPartial
            @param {String} name Name of this partial.
            @param {Function|String} partial Template string or compiled template function.
            Converts a precompiled template into a renderable template function.
                <script src="precompiled-template.js"></script>
                YUI().use('handlebars-base', function (Y) {
                    // Convert the precompiled template function into a renderable template
                    // function.
                    var template = Y.Handlebars.template(precompiledTemplate);
                    // Render it.
                    template({pie: 'Pumpkin'});
            @method template
            @param {Function} template Precompiled Handlebars template function.
            @return {Function} Compiled template function.
            // Alias for Y.Handlebars.template(), used by Y.Template.
            Handlebars.revive = Handlebars.template;
            // Make Y.Template.Handlebars an alias for Y.Handlebars.
            Y.namespace('Template').Handlebars = Handlebars;