Version 3.18.1

File: tree/js/extensions/tree-node-sortable.js

            @module tree
            @submodule tree-sortable
            `Tree.Node` extension that adds methods useful for nodes in trees that use the
            `Tree.Sortable` extension.
            @class Tree.Node.Sortable
            @extensionfor Tree.Node
            function NodeSortable() {}
            NodeSortable.prototype = {
                Sorts this node's children.
                @method sort
                @param {Object} [options] Options.
                    @param {Boolean} [options.silent] If `true`, no `sort` event will be
                    @param {Function} [options.sortComparator] Custom comparator function to
                        use. If specified, this will become the node's new comparator
                        function, overwriting any previous comparator function that was set
                        for the node.
                    @param {Boolean} [options.sortReverse] If `true`, children will be
                        sorted in reverse (descending) order. Otherwise they'll be sorted in
                        ascending order. This will become the node's new sort order,
                        overwriting any previous sort order that was set for the node.
                    @param {String} [options.src] Source of the sort operation. Will be
                        passed along to the `sort` event facade.
                sort: function (options) {
                    this.tree.sortNode(this, options);
                    return this;
            Y.Tree.Node.Sortable = NodeSortable;