Version 3.18.1

event-move Module

Adds lower level support for "gesturemovestart", "gesturemove" and "gesturemoveend" events, which can be used to create drag/drop interactions which work across touch and mouse input devices. They correspond to "touchstart", "touchmove" and "touchend" on a touch input device, and "mousedown", "mousemove", "mouseup" on a mouse based input device.

Documentation for the gesturemove triplet of events can be found on the YUI global, along with the other supported events.


YUI().use('event-move', function (Y) {
      '#myNode').on('gesturemovestart', function (e) {
                    Y.log('gesturemovestart Fired.');
      '#myNode').on('gesturemove', function (e) {
                    Y.log('gesturemove Fired.');
      '#myNode').on('gesturemoveend', function (e) {
                    Y.log('gesturemoveend Fired.');