Version 3.18.1

paginator Module

The Paginator utility allows you to display an item or a group of items depending on the number of items you wish to display at one time.

Paginator's primary functionality is contained in paginator-core and is mixed into paginator to allow paginator to have extra functionality added to it while leaving the core functionality untouched. This allows paginator-core to remain available for use later on or used in isolation if it is the only piece you need.

Due to the vast number of interfaces a paginator could possibly consist of, Paginator does not contain any ready to use UIs. However, Paginator is ready to be used in any Based-based, module such as a Widget, by extending your desired class and mixing in Paginator. This is displayed in the following example:

            YUI().use('paginator-url', 'widget', function (Y){
                var MyPaginator = Y.Base.create('my-paginator', Y.Widget, [Y.Paginator], {
                   renderUI: function () {
                       var numbers = '',
                           i, numberOfPages = this.get('totalPages');
                       for (i = 1; i <= numberOfPages; i++) {
                           // use paginator-url's formatUrl method
                           numbers += '<a href="' + this.formatUrl(i) + '">' + i + '</a>';
                   bindUI: function () {
                       this.get('boundingBox').delegate('click', function (e) {
                           // let's not go to the page, just update internally
                           this.set('page', parseInt(e.currentTarget.getContent(), 10));
                       }, 'a', this);
                       this.after('pageChange', function (e) {
                           // mark the link selected when it's the page being displayed
                           var bb = this.get('boundingBox'),
                               activeClass = 'selected';
                var myPg = new MyPaginator({
                               totalItems: 100,
                               pageUrl: '?pg={page}'

This module provides the following classes:

This module is a rollup of the following modules:

  • paginator-core
    Paginator's core functionality consists of keeping track of the current page being displayed and providing information for previous and next pages.
  • paginator-url
    Adds in URL options for paginator links.