YUIConf 2013

YUIConf 2013

November 6 – 7, 2013
San Jose, California

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Dav Glass

Dav Glass

presents YUI and The Beginning of OSS at Yahoo

Dav works at Yahoo and does really cool things with NodeJS.

Ariya Hidayat

Ariya Hidayat

presents JavaScript API Design Principles

Ariya Hidayat is an engineer/technical lead/FOSS fan/blogger/speaker. These days, his activities are mostly on software craftsmanship around HTML5, JavaScript, and other web technologies.

Eric Ferraioulo

Eric Ferraiuolo

presents YUI and The Future

YUI, Pure, Ecma TC39, tryings to make the web better for people.

Evan Goer

Evan Goer

presents Thinking of Documentation as Code

Evan is a frontend engineer at Intuit. Formerly a technical writer at Lucent, Sun Microsystems, and Yahoo, he is the author of the YUI 3 Cookbook, an admirer of great writing in all forms, and an advocate for any engineer who wants to learn the craft.

Diego Ferreiro Norbert Hu

Diego Ferreiro & Norbert Hu

present Building a performant HTM5/Hybrid App

Diego is a Yahoo Alumni, worked in the Search Platform Team migrating the architecture to use NodeJS and Mojito. He currently working at Salesforce as a FrontEnd Engineer, spending his days worrying about performance and making HTML5 perform faster.

Norbert is an ex-Microsoft engineer on SQL Server Storage Engine and Windows Kernel Hyper-V Hypervisor. He's currently working on distributed systems projects at Foursquare, focusing on anything perf and scale related.

Mark Kawakami

Mark Kawakami

presents Touch Football: Rebuilding Yahoo Fantasy Sports for the Modern Web

Mark Kawakami has been a Front End Developer for Yahoo Fantasy Sports for over six years, and he's been developing with YUI since it was first unveiled.

Eduardo Lundgren

Eduardo Lundgren

presents Reintroducing AlloyUI

Eduardo Lundgren works for Liferay, Inc. as the Lead Engineer of Liferay Brazil. He is the creator of the AlloyUI project built on top of YUI Library. Mainly focused on Java and JavaScript development, he has a wealth of experience in building enterprise web applications across multiple languages and platforms. Always seeking to participate in innovative open source Web projects. Eduardo holds a bachelor's degree in Telecommunications Engineering and a master's degree in Computer Science focused on Mathematics and Computer Vision from Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil.

David Gomez

presents Forget everything you know about testing, and start testing!

David is a Sr. Software Engineer for the Yahoo Search Front End Platform Team, where we are working in a new Mojito/NodeJS based stack. Previously, he has done all kinds of QA automation, continuous integration, and build and release for the Yahoo Search Front End team.

Jonathan Tsai William Seo

Jonathan Tsai & William Seo

present Staying DRY with YUI

Jonathan Tsai is cofounder and CTO of Talentral, a portfolio management platform for displaying, managing, and telling your career story. In a former life, he was cofounder of a mobile gaming company, and backend engineer and Local Paranoid for Yahoo Sports. Interests: coding, high-perf web architecture, security, languages, and basketball.

William Seo is lead frontend engineer/generalist at Talentral. He co-authored most of what you see on Talentral's website, including the Gallery modules we will be demonstrating. Interests: building computers, building software, mobile, JS, movies, and sports. #yui handle: zigseo

Julien Lecomte

Julien Lecomte

presents Mojito Ecosystem

Hobbyist woodworker, amateur astronomer and engineering manager at Yahoo Search.

Clarence Leung

Clarence Leung

presents YUI and the New Server-side Front-end

Clarence is a front-end engineer on the YUI Team.

Caridy Patino

Caridy Patiño

presents Introducing the "Modown" Project

Caridy Patiño is a Principal Engineer at Yahoo, working on the Cocktails platform to improve how developers create and deploy web applications. He's also a member of the YUI Core team where he leads the Mojito MVC framework for mobile web applications.

Lauren Tsung

Lauren Tsung

presents The "Building Blocks" of Prototyping

Lauren is a UX Prototyper for the Platforms Advertising User Experience group at Yahoo, in which she focuses on crafting next generation multi-screen monetization experiences at scale.

Akshay Patel & Seth Bertalotto

present Grunt Your World

Akshay works as a front-end developer on Yahoo Sports. He writes PHP/JS on a daily basis for Sports and other Media properties and likes to dabble with Node.js and Arduino in his spare time.

Seth works on the next generation NodeJS presentation layer for Yahoo Homepage and various Media sites.

Reid Burke

Reid Burke

presents Testing YUI Everywhere

Reid is a front-end engineer on the YUI Team.

Tilo Mitra

Tilo Mitra

presents The State of Gestures

Tilo is a front-end engineer on the YUI Team. He spends his days writing code for YUI and Pure, and his nights reading articles on Hacker News.

Derek Gathright

Derek Gathright

presents Making YUI Fast

Derek Gathright is a software engineer with a decades worth of experience building web applications for the smallest of small startups, to some of the web's largest sites. He is currently writing lots of JavaScript at Yahoo as an engineer with the YUI team where he focuses on making devtools smart, and widgets fast.

Tony Pipkin

Tony Pipkin

presents Pull-Request-a-Palooza

Tony is a front-end engineer on the YUI Team.

Markandey Singh

presents Moon Walking with JavaScript

Markandey works on the YDN team as a front-end developer, and is the developer of ChromyQlip and FakeSiri.

Manuel Jasso Nathan Comstock

Manuel Jasso & Nathan Comstock

present YUI + Closure Templates = Enterprise JSP Tags

Manuel is a Front-End Architect in Wholesale Technology Services at Wells Fargo. He's the founder of WF-RIA, an enterprise UI framework based on YUI. Even before XHR existed he was using iframes for background transactions and writing custom drag-and-drop code.

Nathan is a web developer in Wholesale Technology Services at Wells Fargo.

Ted Drake & Sarbbottam

present YUI + Accessibility: Welcome the whole world

Ted manages accessibility at Intuit, which involves code reviews, product testing, and education. Prior to Intuit, Ted co-founded the Yahoo Accessibility Lab and was a developer evangelist for the Yahoo Developer Network. Ted also worked on several Yahoo products, such as Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Tech, and Yahoo's publishing platform.

Sarbbottam is a front-end engineer for Yahoo. He manages the UI for user registration flow. He is passionate about making the UI accessible for challenged user. He is not only passionate about accessibility, but also on the cross browser compatibility of the UI.

Bill Walker

Bill Walker

presents Firefox Marketplace: Breaking the Stranglehold of App Stores

Bill Walker is a Senior Manager at Mozilla. While working at Apple's research division, Xerox PARC, Reactivity, and Cisco, he became passionate about software process, automated testing, and helping prototypes turn into products. At Mozilla he manages teams working on PDF.js, Partner Engineering and Cross-platform Apps. Bill holds a Ph.D in Computer Science from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.